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Our goal is SOLVE your kidney issue

Kidney Disease Treatment

Our 5 Board Certified Hypertension Specialists are also medical school faculty. They treat all forms of kidney disease, from the simple to the most challenging. Our goal is SOLVE your kidney issue.

  • Luxury private in-center hemodialysis with 1:1 RN ratio

  • State-of-the-art equipment

  • Peritoneal Dialysis equipment is also small enough to be easily carried, and appropriate luggage is provided by us, allowing the patient to travel.

  • Private room equipped for patient relaxation and comfort

  • Our home dialysis (Peritoneal Dialysis) equipment provides state-of-the-art cloud-based technology that gives us real-time assessment of the patient’s clinical status. This allows immediate optimization of any issues that may develop, rather than waiting for a monthly visit


This is the team that will unravel the common knots that you will encounter on the road to Transplant. Because we navigate this road with such frequency, many problems that stump other practices are easily resolved by us. Once you are successfully listed for transplant, our job is not done. It will be our job to keep your ready, which is the number one pitfall. This commitment to your goal is why, we believe, we have an unparalleled success record and having our patients achieve the goal of a kidney transplant.

We specialize in difficult to transplant patients, including patients who have been turned down by transplant centers due to an elevated BMI (weight). Dr. Gabriel Valle in our group is the co-author of the study “Gastric Bypass in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients” done with Dr Nestor De La Cruz of the University of Miami school of Medicine. This was an internationally heralded, groundbreaking study. Every person in the original study, who had been originally turned down due to weight issues, was eventually successfully transplanted. Since that time we have added many more successful patients to this group.

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